Colourstrings© creates a firm musical foundation for the child, which means child-centred music teaching. In 40 years of successfully teaching this method was developed further and refined. The philosophy and method does not form or mould the child to the need of the instrument but rather domesticates the instruments and the instrumental teaching to meet the child’s need.


Colourstrings© is not limited only to teaching manual dexterity movements made by the two hands but tend also to give the whole music as an “art-package” to the child, where the developing of instrumental technique, the musical hearing (with the help of the relative Solmisation), understanding (music theory) and the musical emotions occur in equilibrium all the time.


Colourstrings© involves many senses in learning any new idea. To teach more complex notions, the instrumental school will make use of Colour- and Picture symbols.


To see and to hear goes hand in hand. Thus the learning is deeper and more lasting.
But also musical writing and reading is connected from the very beginning with playing. While playing and reading movements are connected with intellectual processes. Playing and instrument thus develops also to an intellectual activity.

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