Masterclass weekends

13 & 14 April 2024

On April 13 and 14 we organise a special edition of our Masterclass Weekend. We present a wide range of workshops on various topics, with special attention for PABO students and 'Docent Muziek' students.

Both days start with Musicianship workshops at different levels. During these sessions you work on your own musical skills. The afternoons are devoted to Methodology lessons. These sessions also differ in level and area of ​​focus.

Within the program - which is suitable for everyone! - we offer two so-called 'suggested routes'. The workshops within these routes are coordinated to form a coherent programme. This makes them extra suitable for two specific groups of participants: PABO and 'Docent Muziek' students. You are of course also welcome to attend other workshops; you create your own programme. This also applies the other way around: if you are not a PABO student, you are still very welcome to attend a workshop on that 'route'.

The complete programme is available here. Get your ticket here!