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Teacher Training Course Muziek als Vak in 2024-2025


The Muziek als Vak course will again be offered the coming academic year – taking place on 8 Saturdays (1 every month) and study weekends in November and April. The lessons are in the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague.

NEW! Muziek als Vak 2

In September 2024 we will again offer a second level group course for Muziek als Vak. This course (Muziek als Vak 2) will continue from the level achieved in the first year Muziek als Vak. Besides being a great stand-alone course, we hope that with this extra possible year, Muziek als Vak (either with one, or with two years) can be the right stepping stone towards the Master of Music According to the Kodály Concept for those who want to even further discover the Kodály approach.

We are very excited to announce that László Nemes will be joining the teaching team for Muziek als Vak and the Kodály-master at the Royal Conservatoire permanently starting September 2023! More information. Having László in the team will give a new impulse to the course. We will focus on both the Dutch and international fields of Kodály based music education according. In various lessons you can develop your skills, whether you are a beginner or an experienced musician and teacher. In the Musicianship lessons you develop your own musical skills. The lessons that zoom in on Methodology, are organised according to various working environments.  This ensures that the lessons are closely related to the day to day situaties of the students. The collective sessions on Choir singing, and Songs & Games for the classroom, are another important part of every lessons day.

"At Muziek als Vak, they offer you different work forms and ideas through which you can approach at a song or a piece of music. The possibilities to vary are endless! This, together with learning rhythm language and relative solmisation, inspired me a lot! It further shaped my thinking about teaching music and opened a whole new musical world for me! "

- Judith van Vliet, participant Muziek als Vak 2019-2020


Muziek als Vak is thus both a practical and theoretical course about music education according to Kodály’s educational concept and philosophy. This course is for anyone who may have an interest in music-education, whether you are a classroom (music) teachers (with and without music as a specialisation), a musician with an interest in education, or a music teacher looking to further your training.

The following classes will be on offer and each class will be designed to meet the participants’ needs:

Methodology: learn about how to teach music to students according to the Kodály concept, using appropriate steps and techniques.
Repertoire: discover a wide range of songs, games and activities, which are appropriate for the age group of your pupils.
Musicianship: improve your own musical skills in a way that will help you to be a better teacher.
Singing: learn how to use your voice well, how to sing in a choir and how to sing with children.

Data Muziek als Vak 2024-2025

21 Sep
12 Oct
16&17 Nov (Masterclass Weekend)
14 Dec
18 Jan
8 Feb
15 Mar
12-13 Apr (Masterclass Weekend)
17 May
14 June


Course fee: € 2530,-


Application deadline: Register before 15 July 2024!


If you have any questions about the course, feel free to contact us!



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