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Teacher Training Course Muziek als Vak in 2021-2022


Situation 2021-2022

The Muziek als Vak course will again be offered the coming academic year – taking place on 8 Saturdays (1 every month) and study weekends in November and April. The course will - provided Covid-measures allow it - take place LIVE!


"At Muziek als Vak, they offer you different work forms and ideas through which you can approach at a song or a piece of music. The possibilities to vary are endless! This, together with learning rhythm language and relative solmisation, inspired me a lot! It further shaped my thinking about teaching music and opened a whole new musical world for me! "

- Judith van Vliet, participant Muziek als Vak 2019-2020


Because of COVID-19 related regulations, it is not yet clear what we can do live, and what will have to be done online. We will, regardless of the platform, offer various lessons, lectures and classes, both with our own team of teachers, and with international guest teachers.

If you have any questions about the course, feel free to contact us!

Some more practical information:

Muziek als Vak is both a practical and theoretical course about music education according to Kodály’s educational concept and philosophy. This course is for anyone who may have an interest in music-education. In particular, the following groups of people may benefit:

School class teachers with an interest in teaching music
Musicians with an interest in education
Music teachers who are looking to further their training

The following classes will be on offer and each class will be designed to meet the participants’ needs:

Methodology: learn about how to teach music to students using appropriate
Techniques: get to know about some of the main philosophies in music education with a special emphasis on the Kodály approach.
Repertoire: discover a wide range of songs, games and activities, which are appropriate for your class.
Musicianship: improve your own musical skills in a way that will help you to be a better teacher.
Singing: learn how to use your voice well, how to sing in a choir and how to sing with children.

Dates Muziek als Vak 2021-2022

18 Sep
9 Oct
20-21 Nov (Masterclass Weekend)
11 Dec
29 Jan
12 Feb
12 Mar
9-10 Apr
14 May
11 June

Course fee: € 2160,-

Application before 1 July 2021!



To apply to the Muziek als Vak course, leave your information here!